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Ecuador | Miguel Bencomo Tee | 32 Nations Project

Ecuador | Miguel Bencomo Tee | 32 Nations Project

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A unisex t-shirt designed in Quito, Ecuador, and celebrating the passion and energy of this South American footballing nation.

Miguel Bencomo is an artisanal and digital graphics lover, and a professional art director for a world class advertising agency.

And an illustrator by spiritual decree. "There is something more important than logic," he says. "Imagination."

Born in Havana, Cuba, he has lived in Ecuador since 2000, his work influenced by urban events - street art and graffiti. His 32 Nations design celebrates the nation's passionate love of Ecuadorian soccer team, and how country is 'paralyzed' when La Tri plays. He features the side's spiritual center, Enner Valencia, with an imposing Andean Condor covering him, a national symbol of Ecuador.

You can find Miguel's work:

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