Artist Roster: 32 Nations project

Tribal's Artist Roster: 32 Nations Project

Show us what soccer (futbol, football, calcio, nogomet, voetball, كرة القدم) looks like in your world.

We're creating a roster of talented designers from all over the world to reflect your nation's unique soccer culture before the 2023 World Cup.

Play. Language. People. Color. Street soccer. Landscape. Inclusion. Access. Your design can reflect any part of soccer as it is played and loved in your country.

How it works:

Artists receive an equal design fee, and a royalty for each sale featuring your design.  Artists must be able to accept payment through secure web payment. 

We will be promoting you, your bio, portfolio and story on social.

Deliver a single print-ready design. Tribal Soccer will print and sell the design on shirts and potentially other gear.

Please fill out this form. It takes 1 minute.



Final designs must be delivered by the deadline in a single, print-ready file:

  • PNG or JPEG

  • 12" by 16" max. print area

  • 150-300 DPI

  • Color profile:  sRGB IEC61966-2.1. 

  • Please incorporate the icon, and the word "Tribal Soccer" in any font you want, anywhere in your design. Small is fine!

  • You can not use "FIFA,"  "World Cup," or your nation's national team federation (such as "United States Soccer Federation" or "USSF")